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SYFACiL : RSS reader - create online your own press review. reader and read RSS feed. SYFACiL : V2.1 - RSS reader, RSS feed reader - online RSS reader
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Frequently Asked Questions .. .

  • Can I test your service without subscription ?
    No you need to register to use this service, but the good news is that there is a free version .

  • If I use your service at work and at home, do I need 2 subscriptions ?
    No, you can use the service everywhere.

  • Does your service work on any OS and browsers ?
    Consultation in browser works with all latest version of browsers, Internet Explorer 4.5 and above, Opera 7 and above, Netcape 6.0 and above, Mozilla 1.4 and above, Konqueror 3.1 and above, and Safari. It works several OS like Windows, Unix, Linux, Windows, Windows CE, Mac OS.
    Browsers extensions (Toolbar and contextual right click) work only in Internet Explorer 5.5 and above under Windows enrivronement.

  • To listen voice messages do I need a plugin ?
    Yes, you need a plugin that can read MP3 file format, so you can hear voice message in your browser with one of popular plugin like Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime Player or any other player able to read MP3 files.

  • To use SYFACiL under my mobile, do I need a specific mobile device ?
    Yes you need a smartphone or i-Mode device. We are working to a wap version..

  • My data are accessible to other SYFACiL subscribers ?
    No, all data you store, upload and collect are only visible by your account. So it is very important to not deliver your password to somenone.

  • Do you use cookies ?
    Yes, we use cookies just for optimization of the service. Nevertheless, no private or personal information are saved in cookies. So you can use the service in a public web access like Cybercafé. But never install Internet extensions on a public computer.

  • How does your subscription work ?
    You can subscribe to a Free unlimited, Standard, Premium or Professionnel for a perid between 3 to 12 months. When your subscription expired, you have to renew it for your desired period.

  • How to cancel subscription ?
    There is no renewal by tacit agreement. Il n'y a pas de tacite reconduction, votre abonnement se termine dès la fin de la période de souscription. Between 15 days and one month before the expiration date, you receive a mail to inform you about close expity. You are free to renew or not.

  • If I don't renew subscription, do I lose my data ?
    At the expiration date, we keep your data during 3 months. During this period, if you renew your subscription, you will retreive all data. Passed this time all data will be removed from our servers.

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